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The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon / marathon weekend is over for the me and my family.  I think I may have enjoyed the volunteering, and being around friends and family more than running.. But I did get to talk to and see a lot of friends – runners, spectators, and volunteers – on the course. So, it’s a toss up, but having my girls more involved was pretty cool.  They’ve already told me that they enjoyed it.  The Girls on the Run Pasta Party was a very nice treat as well.

All totaled, we spent, between all of us, at least 66 hours being a part of this event through volunteering and participating over the last two weekends and other events such as the CHKM Kids Zoo Run.  While we were busy, we enjoyed ourselves and we’re all looking forward to next year’s CHKM.

As I mentioned before, I was pretty sure my finishing time wasn’t going to be great, and it wasn’t.  CHKM 2015 turned out to be of my slowest half-marathons.  My time was 02:12 and some change.  But, it was in-line with my expectations.  Leading up to this race, I had only run about 40 miles total in the previous 6 weeks..

If nothing else, I showed up and never stopped.

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