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After my brief primer (Part 1) of the things I’m looking to accomplish with Angular in what I consider a large-scale application, I’ve had a week or so to toss around ideas and get a solid foundation.

To recap, I want this application to avoid becoming an unruly, behemoth that is unmanageable. I want core, reusable components to be separated from core functionality. That is to say, I want loose coupling. The application should have hooks, navigation, and what not that is self-aware while allowing multiple developers to create their own discrete set of functional areas. In that vein, or to that end, I want “areas” to be independent for the most part and, as such, developers should be able to work on the individual functional areas without stepping all over each other’s code, or worrying much about breaking other parts of the application.

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Earlier today, I was playing around with a web application that I’m working on, and I was reminded that it needs to play nicely with mobile platforms.

So, a colleague of mine reminded me of a handy feature in the Chrome dev tools that I had somehow missed previously, and thought it was worth sharing.

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This week, my team and I have embarked on a new large scale application.  It’s predominately your typical web multi-tier web application with business logic, security, CRUD, and what not.

However, it’s also going to be an Angular Single Page App (SPA). Thinking about the structure of this application, in terms functional blocks and project/solution layout is pivotal in the design and engineering process.

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Over the weekend, yesterday specifically, I competed in the Double Dip Triathlon. This was my first triathlon, and it was good to get this experience under my belt.

The Double Dip Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon with distances of 300 yards / 16.5 miles / 5k for the swim/bike/run.

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After creating a redistributal package for a custom OWIN AuthenticationHandler that handles logins to an internally hosted Oauth2/SSO provider, I found something a little annoying.

When OWIN detects a 401 response and the AuthenticationMode is “Active,” it doesn’t capture the URL hash from the request.

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