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If you recall my previous post on Node.js, I explored developing a Node.js app with Visual Studio. Using this approach makes it very easy to deploy and test with Visual Studio directly to Azure. However, I wanted to work with a more cross-platform approach using Visual Studio Code and continuous deployment with Azure’s Github integration.
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After Ignite, and especially after viewing the the latest features of VS2015 RC, ASP.NET 5.0, and .NET Core 5.0, my interest in Node.js was finally piqued. Admittedly, I had mostly ignored Node.js up to this point. As a primarily Angular/JavaScript developer, the aspect of using JavaScript for server-side is becoming increasing appealing.

Let me preface this by stating that I’m a noob when it comes to node. This really is my first time diving into its feature set.

For a brief history, Node.js is a runtime environment that uses the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine to execute JavaScript on a server. This also provides web hosting and other niceties to run both console apps and web-hosting apps. Spinning up, for example, an API through Node becomes a pretty straight-forward and powerful capability.

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