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In an application that I’m currently working on, that deals with Sales data, there are instances when I need to apply date comparisons relative to a user’s local time. This is an interesting problem with which to deal.

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Dates are pretty easy to manage with pure JavaScript. The other day though, I discovered a bug in a bit of date manipulating code.

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I’ve been reading up on Angular2, Redux, React and other various libraries and frameworks over the weekend.

I’m in the process of understanding what using Redux w/ an Angular2 app provides that using a singleton service doesn’t. But, it seems to be more about preference (imho) than real-world benefit. It may help tie into observable / push notifications to make state change detection between immutable / mutable objects more performant. However, I can see a benefit if one wants to swap out frameworks and allow their previous state management work across frameworks. It’s an interesting prospect from that perspective.

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Earlier, I wanted to play around with Angular CLI, but my npm and node versions were out of date. The Angular CLI npm install would fail.

Fortunately, there is a straight-forward update method.

On github, the Microsoft team has placed a method for updating node through PowerShell:


I was happy to stumble upon this on Github. After using the script in the recommended fashion, from an elevated PowerShell console, the Angular CLI npm installer worked without a hitch.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -Force
npm install --global --production npm-windows-upgrade

Quite a while back, I wrote a blog post that detailed how it’s possible to use a directive to determine when an Angular repeater is finished. My solution, like nearly every other solution I looked at has one major flaw. It’s only triggered on first render.

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Earlier this week, I needed a way to make users wait for a certain amount of time after performing an action on a web application. The Angular UI progress bar seemed like a fitting method to let the user know their wait time.

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Client side validation is pretty handy. However, as we all know, you can’t fully trust any data sent to your server from a web client. As such, we generally duplicate validation in both the client and server side scenarios. This isn’t a big problem, but it does create a disconnect when the client validation passes, but then the server validation fails. Even in duplication, I still want server-side validation to play an integral part of the overall user experience.

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Writing web-based line of business applications entails creating a lot of views with tables.

There are many jQuery table plugins and Angular directives for rendering tables, but I created my own for, primarily, read only tables.

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