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Earlier, I wanted to play around with Angular CLI, but my npm and node versions were out of date. The Angular CLI npm install would fail.

Fortunately, there is a straight-forward update method.

On github, the Microsoft team has placed a method for updating node through PowerShell:

I was happy to stumble upon this on Github. After using the script in the recommended fashion, from an elevated PowerShell console, the Angular CLI npm installer worked without a hitch.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -Force
npm install --global --production npm-windows-upgrade

Since writing my previous blog post on an Angular reusable table directive, this directive has been updated quite a bit.

The github source and demos reflect the latest code, but I want to detail some of the major changes.

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My current single-sign server, that utilizes OWIN, does not store information regarding users’ identity. On the back-end, it makes LDAP queries to Active Directory to authenticate users and then makes additional LDAP queries to determine roles and authorization.

Since I’ve been playing with Azure lately, I wanted to re-tool this solution to allow toggling between a data-store for user identity information and Active Directory.

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I really like Github. However, I don’t want to have to pay for the service just to utilize private repositories. If my only option were to pay for a code hosting service, I would probably just host my own git repository.

There are other options for free private git hosting services, though.

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If you recall my previous post on ASP.NET Anti-forgery configuration options, you may be familiar with the way the ASP.NET MVC AntiForgeryToken helper adds the “x-frame-options SAMEORIGIN” header to server responses. This header prevents different domains from displaying your site in an iframe. Your only option to manage this feature is to completely disable it.

An all or nothing approach to configuration is quite inflexible. Additionally, if we are using the web.config to handle our configuration, that too is pretty rigid and hard to manage.

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I’ve written a number of posts detailing running and working with stored procedures in Entity Framework 6.x. Yesterday, I ran into a weird issue.

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Previously, I wrote about parsing an Excel spreadsheet to a list of objects. This is a pretty useful technique, but what do you do if you want to provide the user with an Excel template to get started? Being able to provide them with an initial template based on your object model is a good starting point.

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