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I’ve been reading up on Angular2, Redux, React and other various libraries and frameworks over the weekend.

I’m in the process of understanding what using Redux w/ an Angular2 app provides that using a singleton service doesn’t. But, it seems to be more about preference (imho) than real-world benefit. It may help tie into observable / push notifications to make state change detection between immutable / mutable objects more performant. However, I can see a benefit if one wants to swap out frameworks and allow their previous state management work across frameworks. It’s an interesting prospect from that perspective.

Here are a few links / courses, in no particular order, that are useful if you’re interested:

I’m also still in the process of working through converting Angular 1.x -> 2.x applications and learning more about the differences between these two frameworks. The links above may help along those lines. In the meantime, I stumbled upon Angular CLI which will build out boiler-plate Angular2 apps. It’s useful, but there are a few bumps in migrating the generated code over to VS2015. Links that I’ve been reading on this topic are below.

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