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Over time, code bases drift away from the latest tooling. If you recall my previous posts about Angular templates for Visual Studio, you may recall I upgraded that template to Angular 5.x. I spent a little time yesterday getting this template upgrade to the latest Angular 6.1.1.

Upgrading from Angular 5.x to Angular 6.x is relatively straight-forward. You can see my blog post about what the changes are and what has to be done. In addition to upgrading this template, I also wanted it to work in Visual Studio Code. So, I add the appropriate launch/task JSON files to the “.vscode” folder to facilitate this.

You can pull down the source here:


After pulling down the source, you can open directly in VSCode at the root repository folder.

And, if you have the Omnisharp extension installed, you can simply hit F5 to launch the app. It should also work in Visual Studio 2017.

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