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One of the features that I had not implemented in my newer Angular component is sorting. Today I decided to go ahead and tackle this feature. Since the latest version of Angular is out, I’ve decided to simply refer to it as Angular. AngularJS will be used to refer to the older v1.x.

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It appears that over the past few days that Angular 4.x (RTM) was released.

Interestingly, I was digging around to see if there is anything needed to edit in order to target the newer versions and found that my plunks that were targeting 2.x automagically work with and target 4.x.

One way to see this is to view the source of and you can note the version in the “ng-version” attribute that gets injected into your mark-up.

For my plunks, I immediately saw this attribute on the primary “app” component that is bootstrapped, for example:


It’s good to know that my prior plunks work as-is without modifications!

The release notes can be found here: https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/


In my last post regarding an Angular2 Multiselect dropdown, I showed how to integrate form validation. One of the last UI interaction pieces is handling clicks outside of the component. This is necessary to close the dropdown when, for example, a user clicks the document body.

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Long, long ago, I wrote about StartSSL. It was actually one of my first blog posts. After using the StartSSL (StartCom) service without issue for over two years, it appears that their root authority has been revoked making their free service virtually useless. I had to find an alternative.

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It’s funny how the simplest things crop up that I’ve not had to develop previously. One such thing is a calendar picker that lets a user select a date range. Typically, I would handle this as two separate data selectors, but using a single calendar seemed like a better experience in this particular case.

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There have been times when I wanted a really simple file upload mechanism in my Angular 1.x apps. HTML standards provide a simple input button for file uploads. Not only is this typically not easy to style, like making it appear to be a Bootstrap button, it doesn’t lend itself to a stateful JavaScript framework like Angular. However, it’s possible to achieve the desired result with an Angular directive that wraps the standard HTML mechanism.

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A while back, I wrote an application that processes sales information. These sales actually represent a hierarchy of data because there can be refunds, charge backs, charge backs of charge backs, refunds of refunds, adjustments, and so on and so forth. The way the data processing is handled, though, treating the entire hierarchy as a single transaction is important. This requires a bit of recursion.

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Earlier today I was looking at the blog activity, and saw that a new milestone had been reached.

Today marks achieving 100,000+ hits. Thank you for taking time to visit this little blog. I hope that means that the content on here is valuable. Writing about various technical topics and ideas is a fun pastime and helps me formalize a lot of ideas/solutions that I ultimately utilize as a professional developer.

Here’s to the next milestone!