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As of late, I’ve really been getting more and more into Angular. For me, the important aspects are learning how to do what I’ve done with v1.x in the newer framework. This involves a great deal of understanding of the difference between v1.x and v2.x. Since one of my most popular Angular 1.x directives is the Multiselect Dropdown w/ Checkboxes, I decided to tackle converting it in incremental steps. From the top, the first piece of significant functionality is filtering the list of items.

EDIT: Be sure to check out my newer article on Angular Pipes.

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In my previous post, I put together a little demo showing how to detect if capslock is depressed and how to warn the user. To make this a bit more useful and reusable, I rolled it into an Angular 1.x directive.

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Angular provides some handy mechanisms for dealing with browser history. With these mechanisms it’s straight-forward to handle URL changes through direct user interaction or the browser back/forward buttons.

Typically, when entering an Angular app, you’ll have an abstract route defined and then use the $urlRouterProvider to define a default route. Well, when I say “you,” I should qualify that to say that this is how I typically define states with ui-router.

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Using the .NET Core Middleware for request processing is, imho, not very well documented. There are a couple of things that are not obvious: retrieving query parameters and binding a request body to an object. To top things off, accessing the request Body has a few issues. Here’s how to deal with these scenarios.

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ASP.NET’s built in CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) is pretty straight forward. You add a token to your views via an HTML Helper, and then decorate your controller actions with a specific attribute to validate the token on POST. There are many times, seemingly randomly, where users have invalid tokens on their requests. MVC throws a 500 error with an HttpAntiForgeryException. For legitimate users, this is not an optimal experience.

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Earlier, I wanted to play around with Angular CLI, but my npm and node versions were out of date. The Angular CLI npm install would fail.

Fortunately, there is a straight-forward update method.

On github, the Microsoft team has placed a method for updating node through PowerShell:


I was happy to stumble upon this on Github. After using the script in the recommended fashion, from an elevated PowerShell console, the Angular CLI npm installer worked without a hitch.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -Force
npm install --global --production npm-windows-upgrade

Since writing my previous blog post on an Angular reusable table directive, this directive has been updated quite a bit.

The github source and demos reflect the latest code, but I want to detail some of the major changes.

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