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Time flies when you’re having fun. The past twelve months have transpired for me quite expeditiously.

I won’t chock all of the fun up to blogging, but starting this blog a year ago was a fun endeavor. A year and 90+ blog posts later, I can reflect on the past year of blogging and feel encouraged to continue the trend. Blogging has helped me focus, organize my thoughts, develop a sense of sharing relevant knowledge, and become a better contributor in the development community. Blogging is a solitary activity, but all of your thoughts are laid out for all to see. It’s almost like keeping a journal/diary for everyone else to read.

The thing I have enjoyed most about blogging this past year is consolidating many of my jsfiddle, codepen, and plunker demos into various git repositories. Taking ideas and producing them in a way for others to see and consume is a good exercise in becoming familiar with real-time distributed tools and management. I’ve always been a big fan of creating code snippets that are fully functional within a browser.

The more I blog and create demos, not only can my posts be a reference for others, but my own posts become references for me too. I often find myself Googling for past posts where I did some stuff… but can’t remember preciously how I did the stuff. In a way, it’s gratifying having this repository that is effectively a brain dump.

Reflecting on the most viewed posts, here are the top three. I enjoyed writing these posts as well!

Simple menu with ui-router states
User Session Timeout
Angular multiselect dropdown

Here’s to another year!

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